Director Sashi Kiran Tikka's Telugu movie Goodachari starring Adivi Sesh, Sobhita Dhulipala, Prakash Raj, Madhu Shalini and Ravi Prakash, has received positive review and rating from the audience.

Goodachari is a spy thriller film. Adivi Sesh has written the story and screenplay for the movie, which has been directed by Sashi Kiran Tikka and produced by Abhishek Pictures. The movie has received a U/A certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 2.27 hours.

Goodachari movie story: It revolves around the story of a patriot (Adivi Sesh) whose father is killed during his childhood in Sikkim. Police officer Satya (Prakash Raj) takes the kid to Rajahmundry and raises him under disguise. How he is trained to become a spy forms the crux of the story.

Synopsis: Goodachari has an interesting story with an engaging screenplay. Adivi Sesh has done a brilliant job as writer and he manages to make the film edge-of-the-seat thriller. The first half of the film is good barring some romance and comedy scenes, which happer its pace. But the second half is brilliant thriller, say the audience.

Performance: Adivi Sesh has delivered a brilliant performance, which is the main highlight of Goodachari. Sobhita Dhulipala, Prakash Raj and Madhu Shalini have done good jobs and they are also assets of the film. Vennela Kishore, Ravi Prakash, Supriya Yarlagadda, Rakesh Varre and Anish Kuruvilla have also done justice to their roles, say the audience.

Technical: Goodachari has brilliant technical values and stunning visuals, amazing background score, choreography of stunts and dialogues are the attractions on the technical front, say the viewers.

Goodachari review live updates: We bring you some viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Continue to see the audience's response.

Ravi teja‏ @tejar109

A perfect edge of the seat thriller!!! Sir u did it again @AdiviSesh...Cinematography & BGM were too good! Love how Sesh perfectly blends emotions between the suspense moments!!Gripping Screenplay nd twists are d USPs of this film! Best spy thriller in recent times #GoodaChari

Yogesh Ch‏ @iamchyogesh

Goodachari is well written n well executed .. Story Screenplay @AdiviSesh and background music enough for 2hrs to sit.. A veryy big thumbsup 2nd half Lo bullet shoot bomb blast shot Eadaite Unnado #goodachari

Uday Shankar B‏ @UdayShankar_B

#Goodachari an Indian spy thriller franchise has jus started its journey!! Edge of the seat thriller!!Evry scene is crystal clear wat a way of story telling @AdiviSesh U r simpley rocked the show. I felt like watching an Indian @TomCruise on the screen.Kudos to the entire team

Sarath Madineni‏ @SMADINENI

#Goodachari Feeling proud about this movie.. Slick and stylish.. Plzzz watch every one... @AdiviSesh Anna Nuv mana tollywood loney vundali .. Ekkadiki velloddu #Vancouver shots.. .. @vennelakishore asalu expect cheyaledu anno...!!

RoHITh‏ @Superstar__Fan

#Goodachari Brilliant Work by the Team.Terrific Action thiller with twists at Regular Intervals which Blew our mind Congrats @AnilSunkara1 Garu @AdiviSesh Bro Stunning Performance and Aa last Shot Mental Congrats to the Entire Team. Bgm & Screenplay is Highlight

Parikshith Janagama‏ @Parikshith_UTD

#Goodachari Tagline : Don't miss it. 8/10 Rarely comes a telugu movie with james bondish feel. STORY is the main highlight along with gripping screenplay but visuals,camera feels cheap as in kshamam. @AdiviSesh stories deserves a big budget. Overall a perfect SPY thriller.

Bharghav☯️‍♂️‏ @Bhar19

Wonderful movie for the perfect weekend #goodachari @AdiviSesh you are a fantastic story teller. #BGM will remain as fresh n amazing ever. Each n every cast n crew did there amazing work to Mould such a spy thriller in to perfect movie. Loved it from start to end ❤️❤️

Sandeep Aatreya‏ @SandeepSpeakz

#Goodachari An explosive thriller. Thoroughly compelling. Very well-written and well-executed so far

B.Abhishek‏ @maverix111

First half done ...though the novelty factor is missing, has been not so bad so far...scenes leading upto the interval have upped the expecting a thrilling half next...#Goodachari Was good until a certain extent with a gripping screenplay but then kinda went downhill from the major plot twist ..& also think wasn't necessary for a last min "shock"...more like origins of the role, want a true #Goodachari flick next..promising start,can expand on it further

#OmHari89‏ @imOmhari89

#Goodachari @AdiviSesh Just finiahed watching #Goodachari in Century Folsom Sacramento ,CA Kudos to Adivi Sesh Sir and his young team .We can proudly say we have our own #Goodachari116 in Adivi Sesh style Go for this dont miss it

Dr.Deer!‏ @DheerajDJ5

#Goodachari is a non stop thrill ride... filled with twists and fast paced narration. 116 can become our 007 or may be our mission impossible. Adivi sesh... you genius!!

Thyview‏ @Thyview

#Goodachari, contrary to the popular opinion , that spy thriller are just glitz n gold , emotions ekkuva vundanu ani.. But this film has heart , very good premise and setup. It's good to see #Supriya Gaaru on screen after a long time. Her eyes are so intense #ShobithaDhulupala is gorgeous. But main highlight is #SriCharanPakala 's BGM..oka range lo..kew vundi #Goodachari @AdiviSesh @RedHeartMovies @vennelakishore #Goodachari Oh My...Mad Interval Bang...Thopee asal. And #SriCharanPakala that BGM ...effing awesome First act antha story build chesi, Taravatha pichekkinchadu and that Interval Bang Super pumped for the 2nd half..bring it on #Goodachari Spy stuff ,cat n mouse games , twists ,classy elevations ,2nd half has it all till now @AdiviSesh diviSesh is brilliant ..all I want to talk about is 1 man #SriCharanPakala enni sarlu cheppina thakkuve.elevated the movie with his BGM to another level @RedHeartMovies This is the expression on everyone face for a twist... #goodachari @AdiviSesh @RedHeartMovies @vennelakishore

Bittuuu !‏ @tharungstars

One more Brilliant movie from @AdiviSesh Terrific 1st half & Engaging 2nd half with twists Welcome to Tollywood @sobhitaD @vennelakishore once again gets a Meaty role #SricharanPakala BGM stands out Cinematography is top notch #Goodachari - Don't miss it

SADDY‏ @king_sadashiva

Terrific First Half. Interval Bang and BGM Breath Taking #Goodachari..@AdiviSesh as both writter and actor did a tremendous job. #goodachari Second Half even better. Goodachari 116 Reporting on Duty. One of best written, excecuted spy thrillers from tollywood. Open for a Series #Goodachari is here to stay. Take a bow @AdiviSesh

Mr.G‏ @gotham_knight1

Watched #Goodachari! @AdiviSesh as a writer is setting a benchmark for his films. I think it'd be too early to call it an Indian "mission impossible " but if that's what they're aiming for, this is the right start Kudos to the Music director and screenplay writer!

Praneeth_H‏ @harpanahalli

@AdiviSesh what a performance and script man it's awesome. The RR and BGM took movie to next level. Loved the US and KKD(home town biased) location in the movie. I wish there will be 2nd part #Goodachari

Akhil Sravan Kumar‏ @sravannerella00

After a long time, I watched one of the genuine classy spy thriller which excited from the beginning. Best part, it is in Telugu. A big wow to Adivi Sheh for bringing us #Goodachari. Go for it!

Rayalaseema Chinnodu‏ @InceptedDream

#GoodaChari just Wowww. .. you Absolutely nailed it @AdiviSesh .. Thriller at its best .. Tollywood deserves this... congrats sir @AnilSunkara1 ..

TetraTalkies‏ @tetra_talkies

Done with #Goodachari.... excellent movie .... Excellent taking and BGM .... Interval gripping and serious action thriller.... must watch


#Goodachari -Very Interesting First Half.. All over @AdiviSesh Performance in First Half..Gripping Screenplay..

shashank‏ @LIBRRAA

@AdiviSesh Wat an Excellent film #Goodachari Everything in d story is interlinked! Minute details taken care of. U shoot d gun with ur left hand in d film just like ur dad in the movie! Der are many more like this! I don't want 2 reveal d plot more @vennelakishore Iragadeesav bro

RohitBattepati‏ @rohitbattepati

Watched #Goodachari Terrific script with brilliant performances! Definitely a winner.@AdiviSesh excelled in both writing and acting.@sobhitaD was beautiful. Last but not the least @IamJagguBhai was mind blowing. And that bgm..@SricharanPakala,simply superb!

Srinivasa‏ @srinichai

#Goodachari Thank you @AdiviSesh anna for making Telugu Cinema proud again.Spell binding screenplay.Edge of the seat right from the word go.Please make this a triology & yes are eagerly waiting for the sequel.@vennelakishore Anna mee performance ki Salaam.‍♂️Blockbuster

Chaitanya Somavajhala‏ @ChaitanSrk

Racho rachati rachataha First half. @AdiviSesh mathi poindi bhayya. Everything setup for a fantastic second half. #Goodachari Mind blowing stuff. The Tollywood James Bond is here. Can't wait for the part 2 of #Goodachari

Saikiran Chepyala‏ @shashisk123

Fantastic first half !! #Goodachari !! Adiripoindi.....orey Muruga ni tappa andarki telsu Spy thriller Ela teeyalo Fantastic bro @AdiviSesh Racha rambola anthe....gripping intense and very emotional first half up until now....mind blown #Goodachari

PuvvalaVirat‏ @PuvvalaVirat

#Goodachari is Lit as fuck!! Mind blown away!! Story and twists are just !! Must watch!! Another classic cult by #AdiviSesh . I.N.K.A ;) #goodachari If Bollywood remakes this movie 250crs would be a cake walk!!

Sushanth Nallapareddy‏ @sushanthreddy

#Goodachari is a non stop thrill ride... filled with twists and fast paced narration. 116 can become our 007 or may be our mission impossible. Adivi sesh... you genius!!

Dinesh reddy‏ @dineshgreddy

#Goodachari ,Brilliant film. Well Written, well directed and well executed.. @AdiviSesh was .. Bgm and cinematography was brilliant.. Go for it .....

Rakesh Bysani‏ @BysaniRakesh

#Goodachari U/A - 2 hours 27mins Brilliant piece of work. Adivi Seshu excelled in both as an actor and as a director. Must watch thriller 3.25/5. Super Hit.

Karthik‏ @onenonlykarthik

Running short of adjectives to tweet about #Goodachari Such a slick & engrossing thriller. Another gem that will make TFI proud!

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