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"The Good Wife" is back with a bang for its sixth season, and the first episode picked up from where the finale of the previous season left off with Eli (Alan Cumming) asking Alicia (Julianna Margulies) to run for State's Attorney.

But the episode took a dramatic turn when Cary was arrested for allegedly helping Chicago's leading drug dealer Lemond Bishop, and a bail amount was set for $1.3 million. Although Alicia managed to raise the required amount to bail out Cary, with help from Bishop and a Dexter Roja, the frontman for Bishop's legitimate businesses, Finn created a hurdle by arguing that it was drug money, and urged the judge to deny bail.

"The Line" saw everything going against Cary, as Kalinda too made a surprising discovery when she tried to get to the root of the matter and prove Cary's innocence. During a meeting with Sophia, Kalinda learned that the law enforcement agent has proof of Cary's involvement with Bishop.

"Your friend Cary — he's guilty," Sophia tells Cary, prompting many to wonder if Cary has indeed worked with Bishop and provided him with a way to evade the law and smuggle drugs, just to retain a lucrative client.

As for Diane, "The Line" saw her confessing her decision to retire to her partners David Lee and Louis Canning, however, they are doubtful of her true intentions. They soon realize that she is teaming up with Florrick/Agos', and the partners launch a massive campaign to win over Diane's clients.

Will Diane's plan to own "the largest firm in the country run by women," succeed? The upcoming episode titled "Trust Issues" holds the answer.

As per the official synopsis, "Alicia scrambles to hold onto Florrick/Agos' biggest client as the firm continues to struggle with an internal legal crisis. Meanwhile, Diane continues to plot her move from Lockhart/Gardner and looks for partners to bring with her to the new firm."

When "The Good Wife" killed off one of its main characters essayed by Josh Charles in the middle of season five, many expected the show's popularity to decline. But actor Ben Rappaport, who plays Carey, recently told HollywoodLife that there was a "renewed energy" on the set.

"It was really exciting and you could really feel a sense of renewed energy on set," he told HollywoodLife. "Everyone was really excited about the writing and the fans were really on it, especially when Josh Charles exited. I think they were taken aback but also really excited by the reaction. There was a renewed interest in the show."