Telugu film industry is already experiencing crisis caused due to coronavirus lockdown. Theatres have been shut and movie buffs are clueless as to when the theatres will resume. 

Having said that, it is doubtful that people would rush to the theatres to watch their favourite stars onscreen like before. They will need some assurance, and mental strength to step into theatres once again, post-COVID- 19 lockdown. 

Audiences miss theatres 

Talking about how difficult it has been for the movie business,  producer Suresh Babu spoke to a leading daily in Hyderabad and said, "That's true, but we in the industry have discussed the situation. If required, we will consider options like bringing down ticket prices, and it is something that would help the public and us as well."

Producer Suresh Babu
Producer Suresh BabuTwitter

Suresh Babu further adds that people are watching web series and movies on the digital platform now, but they are missing the experience of watching a film in the theatre. "I am sure people want theatre experience and they will definitely come to the theatres," he added.

Huge amount of interests to be paid

Many films, by now, would have released at the theatres. Producers, distributors, film crew, light men, and many are now affected by the lockdown.

kerala strike, aries multiplex, Bairavaa
Kerala Film Exhibitors Federation has decided to shut down A class theatres in Kerala from January 12.Aries Plex S L Cinemas/Facebook

Also, this might lead to a cut in the remuneration of top actors of Tollywood. Even though if RBI allows moratorium for 3 months, the interests are not going to be waived. On that note, if lockdown gets extended and it takes a whole lot of time for shootings to resume, the only way to escape the financial burden is by reducing the production costs.