The world has always been full of contrasts and hence so are we. Probably we would never learn to appreciate the light if there was no darkness. The entire universe is a living paradox. Day and night, good and evil, love and hatred, feminine and masculine, creation and destruction. Everything we see, touch, feel, and know is both yin and yang.

There is someone who is going above & beyond the standards of content creation and using her anonymity as her identity to empower women across the country. With her simple and relatable poetry, she is winning hearts and her community on Instagram (@goddesswrites) is growing.

Why Goddess? What thought crosses your mind when you hear this word?

Usually, when we imagine a goddess, it is often an image of sacred and calm energy that facilitates the creation of everything that is. Often forgetting her other side that is equally ferocious and capable of demolishing everything that ever was.

So what is it that @goddesswrites is trying to destroy or/and create?

As a destroyer:

As we already know, in order to bring something new to life, the old one needs to come to an end. That's exactly what she is trying to do. Destroying inner demons such as poor self-image, limiting beliefs, jealousy, feeling insufficient, codependency, etc. She wants to put an end to old delusive beliefs about life, lessons, and love.

As a creator:

After the much-needed destruction, she aims to rediscover and truly understand the meaning of being compassionate, loving, and kind not only to the world but before that, to the 'self'. She asks her clan to truly believe in their enoughness and not try to fit in the standards set by others. She is trying to create a safe space in her own self, inspiring the world around.

Thus, justifying her Instagram handle, she is on the journey of transforming girls.