The slew of fan-favourite characters from "Boy Meets World" making a comeback in Disney Channel's "Girl Meets World" is far from over. The upcoming season 2 episode 13 will see Jack, Eric's best friend from the 90s show return to meet Cory and his family.

In the upcoming "Girl Meets Semi-Formal", Riley's (Rowan Blanchard) Uncle Eric (Will Friedle) brings his old friend Jack (Matthew Lawrence) to the school that Cory (Ben Savage) is teaching in, just to remind him of the good old times. In a promo scene Jack and Cory meet at the middle school dance that Riley and her friends are attending, and when Cory asks Jack how life is treating him, he replies, "Well, you know, I'm at a middle school dance and your brother's my date." Needless to say, the friendship of the college roommates is still intact.

But Jack is not the only guest that will appear on "Girl Meets World" on 14 August; the Australian pop band Sheppard will perform at the formal dance. While Sheppard performs "Geronimo", Riley is dealing with some serious issues.

In the last episode, "Girl Meets Yearbook", we saw Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) figure out that Riley and her initial love interest Lucas (Peyton Meyer) are more like siblings and they may never have a romantic future together. Maya has not yet revealed it to her best friend and at the formal, things get complicated when Lucas get jealous of another boy that asks Riley to be his date.

It looks like Riley and Lucas or Rucas, as fans like to call them, may not happen in the show and the creators are possibly looking to portray a platonic friendship. That would be a great way to show that "Girl Meets World" is not just a female version of "Boy Meets World", but is a great show in itself.

Although we do not agree with this theory -- due to the prospective relationship between Maya and Uncle Boing aka Josh (Uriah Shelton) -- there are fans that suggest that instead of "Rucas", there is a possibility of "Lucaya", which is a pairing between Lucas and Maya.

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Watch out for season 2 episode 13 of "Girl Meets World" at 8.30 PM (EST) on Friday, 14 August, You can also live stream "Girl Meets Semi-Formal" via Disney Channel Go.