Annette Beck-Sickinger has apologised for her statement.
Annette Beck-Sickinger,head of biochemistry department of the University of Leipzig has apologised for her remarks.University of Leipzig

The German professor, who denied internship to an Indian male student, citing the country's "rape problem" as reason for his disqualification, has apologised for her "mistake."

"I made a mistake," stated Professor Annette Beck-Sickinger of the University of Leipzig in her apology on Monday.

The biochemistry professor found herself on the receiving end earlier on Monday, after an Indian student, who was denied admission, put up the screenshots of their email conversation. In the email screenshots, Professor Beck-Sickinger allegedly said she denied internship to the student because of the country's rape problem.

Narrating the incident, which almost threatened to affect Germany's relation with India, the biochemistry professor said she "had an email contact with an Indian student who had applied for an internship" recently.

She said in her official statement that she refused admission to the student as her labs were fully occupied. "The young man did not accepted this and got involved in a discussion about the social conditions in Germany and India," she said.

"It was never my intention to discriminate against Indian society I have absolutely nothing against Indian students. On the contrary, for all whose feelings I should have offended, I apologise in due form," said the professor.

She added that the earlier statement was not meant to be "racist or xenophobic."  

Professor Beck-Sickinger reiterated in a response to IBTimes India that she has nothing against Indian males and since her lab was full for summer, she had to deny internship for the Indian student. "This was the only reason for rejection," she added.