A new George Floyd video has leaked. And the Make America Great Again (MAGA) and Donald Trump's white supremacist supporters are using it to discredit George Floyd. Their logic is that he was reportedly high, so all the protests that followed were pointless.

Ridiculous as it may sound, they believe it. That's the bigger irony. For them, they do not see that a man was killed brutally on the streets. As if any "proof" would change the fact that he was murdered.

George was scared, he never posed any threat. Not a single one of his actions was aggressive.

"I am sorry. Please don't shoot me, Mr. Officer. Please Don't," these were just a few of the sentences he uttered. And now some people have the nerve to defend his cold-blooded murder. "I can't breathe" were his last words.

What the footage revealed

The now-revealed, bodycam footage of two of the former Minneapolis police officers involved in the arrest of George Floyd, reveals a panicked Floyd. Who can be seen struggling with officers in the minutes before his death, saying, "I can't breathe."

Many believe that the death of George Floyd has more to do with the justice system in the United States, the inherent racial bias, and the flawed policing methods.

Demetria Brown, a former African American law enforcement officer who left the US due to racism, fear of police brutality among others said, "That video served as my final confirmation that I was doing the best thing for my life by departing the [US] permanently."

Amnesty International says that the police committed 125 human rights violations during George Floyd protests.

What the ACLU feels:

• Tony McDade should still be alive today.

• George Floyd should still be alive today.

• Yassin Mohamed should still be alive today.

• Sean Reed should still be alive today.

• Breonna Taylor should still be alive today.

• NO MORE Black lives taken by the police.

George Floyd was murdered.
George Floyd was murdered.IBT

What those in favour of George say:

Breonna Taylor was asleep in her home. George Floyd was suspected of having a fake $20 bill. Eric Garner was selling loose cigarettes. Tamir Rice was 12 years old playing with a toy gun. THIS is why we have to say, Black Lives Matter," says Eliza Orlins.

"The tweets about George Floyd in the last 12 hours are infuriating!
It doesn't matter whether or not he was on drugs. It doesn't matter whether or not he resisted arrest. It doesn't matter that he had a record. None of those things carry a death sentence. He was murdered," says Kit.

"And as for George Floyd, a lot of you have (I think correctly) surmised that the cop was overcharged so as to instigate another round of "protests" (I.e. more riots and looting) if/when he gets off, which should be, I don't know...right around election time," feels Rob Smith.

"A man with PTSD has a panic attack and that means his death was justified??? the fu*k is wrong with people," feels Ethan.

"Meet Adam M. Zaborowski.⁣ He literally fired an actual AK-47 at police after refusing to wear his mask in a convenience store. He shot at the workers too. He is alive. Compare that up against George Floyd⁣, Philando Castile⁣, Breonna Taylor⁣, Tamir Rice," tweeted Big Phlav.

"⁣Aurora police detained 4 black children ages 17 down to 6 after mistaking their vehicle as stolen. They put them on the ground and pointed guns at them. That 6-year-old baby cried for her mama just like George Floyd did. These killers make no distinction for age or size," wrote Stacey Patton.

"Just to be clear: if George Floyd was on drugs or resisting arrest, Derek Chauvin still kneeled on his neck for 9 minutes. With his hands in his pockets. While other officers watched. That's still murder," feels Nina.

Those against George say:

"After the bodycam footage, I think it's safe to say that we can put the holy canonization of St. George Floyd, patron saint of fentanyl and fake twenties, on permanent pause," tweeted DeAnna Lorraine.

NOTE: Why only one comment justifying the murder of Floyd? Because we cannot in good conscience give any more space to lies and propaganda.

Here's the video: