Met Gala 2015
George Clooney with wife AmalReuters

When George Clooney spoke to "Nightline" about his upcoming film "Tomorrowland," he also discussed his new wife Amal Alamuddin, a British international human rights attorney.

Though the interview gives a picture that everything's perfectly alright, latest reports suggest that all is not well between the two of them.

Clooney-Amal divorce rumours are already doing the rounds. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, the couple has been having a lot of arguments lately over trivial issues including whether or not to have a child, their work schedules, and what country to live in.

The website reveals that Amal basically wants Clooney to stop acting like an American and change a lot of habits. "She has a problem with him hanging out with his best-friend Rande Gerber, she allegedly hates Hollywood events and other American celebrities," the website reported.

But it's sports that drives the lawyer insane. The website says that during a recent appearance on Extra, the actor admitted that his love for watching sports on TV drives his wife crazy.

"I watch sports, and it kills her. I got her into March Madness a little, I'm a huge Kentucky fan, so she got into that, but it was enough. So the next week was the Masters, and I'm watching that and she goes, 'So every weekend we're gonna be watching a sporting event?' I'm like, 'Actually that's how it works," the 54-year-old reportedly said.

But what comes as a shocker is that the website (via Life & Style) has revealed that the couple is amidst some messy divorce proceedings because of Clooney's alleged cheating.

The actor who celebrated his 54th birthday had also confessed that he originally found his wife, "intimidating".

"It's always intimidating. She's an incredibly warm, wonderful person so it's always intimidating. I think everyone gets intimidated," the "Descendants" actor said.

We are not reading between the lines, but is George hinting something here?

Meanwhile, a source recently told OK! magazine that the couple wants to have children "sooner rather than later" because they "don't want to be too old to enjoy parenthood.

"As the couple hopes to welcome a child, George believes Amal gaining weight will give her a better chance of getting pregnant. She's not been eating much since they said their 'I Do's', and George worries it could become a dangerous obsession," the report said.

Now when you read all this and after the couple made that oomphy red carpet appearance at Met Gala 2015, it's hard to believe these divorce rumours.

But if there's any truth to the rumours, then Clooney and Amal may want to take clues from these and set a few things right.