Israel has intensified its attack on Gaza after one of its soldiers went missing and the 72-hour ceasefire collapsed.
Israel has intensified its attack on Gaza after one of its soldiers went missing and the 72-hour ceasefire collapsed.Reuters

A video has emerged on social media, believed to have been posted by the Israeli army, showing them blowing up a Palestinian mosque to avenge the three soldiers killed by Palestinians.

The one-minute 39-second clip, titled "Israeli force detonate mosque with 11 tons of explosive" was put up on YouTube on 31 July.

According to Electronic Intifada - a pro-Palestine news publication, the Israeli soldiers responsible for detonating the Palestinian mosque are from the Givati Brigade, which is an ultra-orthodox infantry unit.

During the demolition, which was carried out as Operation Tzuk Eitan, the narrator could be heard dedicating the destruction of the mosque to the martyred Israeli soldiers.

The clip showing the demolition of the Palestinian mosque is dedicated to martyred Israeli soldiers - Amit Yeori, Guy Boyland and Moshiko Dvino.

The narrator tells the audience that the Palestinian mosque was denoted after loading it with 11 tons of explosive on 30 July in Khuzaa, located east of the southern Gaza Strip.

It is believed that the demolition of the mosque was to seek vengeance over the death of Israeli soldiers. The video ends with Israeli soldiers cheering as the mosque crumbles to the ground.

Earlier on Friday, both Israel and Palestine had agreed on a 72-hour ceasefir but within hours, peace in Gaza crumbled after Hamas allegedly abducted an Israeli soldier.

Since then, Israel has resumed shelling over the Gaza strip.

On Sunday, BBC reported that missing Israel soldier Hadar Goldin has been declared killed in action by the Israeli military, following an investigation in Rafah area by forces. 

There is now no chance of restoration of peace once again in the conflicted region as Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has emphasized that the operations in Gaza will continue until Israeli forces enforce security in the area.

In the almost one-month-long Gaza conflict, it is reported that 1,740 Palestinians have been killed and another 9,080 injured.