Gayathri Raghuram has slammed Kamal Haasan, who wrote a lengthy letter criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his decision to lockdown country for 21 days. In a series of tweets, the Bigg Boss Tamil 1 has attacked the actor, while hailing the works carried out by the BJP-led NDA goverment in the centre and AIADMK government in Tamil Nadu.

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"Are the doctors failing? Are the police failing? Other workers? Which part in TN and area is not getting food? Don't write blunt blank wague letters. I hope it carries details,[sic]" Gayathri Raghuram started.

Continuing her attack, Gayathri stated, "If not take care, then you can write @narendramodi ji. Or writing MODI ji is a fashion for trends? Or r u upset that everyone showed unity and u failed to do so? What's bothering you? Are failing u to see centre and state government's hard work?"

Defending the governments, the choreographer-actress tweeted, "Why don't you write a letter to #Xijinping and #TabhleegiJamaat how they failed? And write a letter to irresponsible citizens who don't obey. Are you saying @CMOTamilNadu @Vijayabaskarofl is failing? Write letter TN MLAs & MPs. if u have problem address it to the state gov first. [sic]"

In the letter, Kamal Haasan called Narendra Modi's decision to lock down the country was taken without any decision and compared it with demonetisation. He claims that the lockdown has hit hard on the life and livelyhood of the poor.

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Kamal Haasan wrote, "Events of these magnitude get etched in history for two reasons, one being the devastation (illness and death) that they cause due to their core nature. The second being the long term impact of what they teach humans to prioritise and the kind of socio-cultural changes they bring about. I am extremely saddened to see our society plagued by an outbreak that is far more dangerous and longer lasting that any virus that nature has ever hurled at us.

Sir, this is the time to listen to voices who truly care. I do care. It's the time to smudge all boundaries and give a clarion call to everyone to come on to your side and help. India's biggest potential is its human potential and we have tided over bigger crises in the past. We will overcome this too but it must be done in a way that brings everyone together and doesn't become yet another reason to choose sides." Read Complete Letter Penned by Kamal Here