Bengaluru MLA Sowmya Reddy has expressed frustration on the lack of solid waste management and garbage collection in the city, calling upon the citizens to act responsibly and question the authorities for proper action. Sharing a video of scattered garbage in different parts of the city, the MLA showed how irresponsibility has turned the "beautiful garden city" into a "garbage city."

Reddy also took a jab at the system, corruption allegations, responsible officers' inaction to clean the city. The Jayanagar MLA also said that the solid waste management issue is not limited to her constituency, but persists across the city. After raising several complaints and even reeling in the Karnataka CM BS Yediyurappa, the MLA said that she hasn't got the support needed, which in turn has hindered the development in the area.


"Since the solid waste management AEE and junior health inspector were brought under allegations of corruption, of taking bribes and were just not doing their job, I've made hundreds of calls and written letters to the CM, the previous and current Commissioners, the Special Commissioner, Solid Waste Management Commissioner and others about this issue. Yet, nothing has come of this and since January, implementation of solid waste management has come to a standstill," Reddy said.

The Jayanagar MLA also noted the responsibility to oversee waste management is that of the corporator, which "we haven't had for a few months now," she said. Without proper authorities, Reddy questions, how can the problem be fixed?

MLA turns to public for help

After failing to get necessary action taken on these pressing issues, Reddy has now urged citizens in her ward to not only responsibly segregate waste and avoid dumping it roadside, but also to raise the concerns to Yediyurappa, BBMP Commissioner N. Manjunatha, Special Commissioner Manjunath IAS, Additional Commissioner Randeep D, IAS and the Anti Corruption Bureau.

Karnataka chief minister BS Yediyurappa
Karnataka chief minister BS YediyurappaTwitter

Sowmya Reddy has been actively bringing concerns of citizens to the attention of the masses and doing her bit to assist - be it unavailability of beds during the early days of COVID-19 pandemic in the state or the city's traffic police turning garrison in fining commuters left, right and centre.

IBTimes has reached out to the CM's office and the BBMP commissioner for a statement on the matter and the article will be duly updated.