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Tamil actress Nayantara may have no idea how she ended up helping the cops to nab a notorious gangster, but the news is going viral for the witty approach of Bihar cop, Madhubala Devi.

The case was that of a mobile phone which belonged to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Sanjay Kumar Mahato that got stolen, India Today reported.

It was then reported to the cops, and senior police officer Madhubala Devi took up the case and investigated the matter.

After she traced the CDR (call data records) of the phone, she found that the dreaded gangster Mohammad Hasnain is still using the stolen phone.

So, to nab the thief, Devi posed as a girl interested in having a love affair with him. Initially, Hasnain did not respond to the messages, but he eventually did after a few days.

To make their fake love prosper, the officer started calling him at regular intervals and also sent the picture of Tamil actress Nayanthara when he asked for her picture.

"He appeared mad with joy after seeing the photograph," Madhubala told Gulf News. In fact, he was so happy that he agreed to meet her.

"[He] agreed to meet me at a place in Darbhanga town. Finally, when he reached the designated place, we arrested him with the help of other policemen in civilian clothes," Madhubala added.

When officer Madhubala went to meet the criminal, she donned a burqa, and the gangster failed to recognise her. This made it easy for the lady cop to nab the thief.

According to the report, Mohammad Hasnain also later confessed his crime but claimed that he had bought the phone for Rs 4,500 from another thief. The information he gave, was soon put to use and the other criminal was also arrested by the police.

The police department of Bihar has also announced a reward for Madhubala Devi for her intelligent approach to nab the criminal.