Sherlyn Chopra

The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is here. However, owing to the pandemic, the vibe of Ganesh Utsav seems dim this year, especially the people dancing on the streets and welcoming Bappa with music and dhol. But this hasn't stopped people and celebs from celebrating this festival with the same zeal and enthusiasm. The festival that began on Saturday, August 22, will continue till September 1, 2020.

Let's take a look at how model-turned-actor and entrepreneur is celebrating the festival of Ganesh Utsav.

Sherlyn Chopra, in an exclusive tête-à-tête with International Business Times, India, gets candid on celebrating Ganesh Utsav this year, fond memories of the festival and the delicacies that she loves to binge on.

Excerpts from the interview:

Ganesh Chaurthi

Do you celebrate Ganapati?

I don't believe in idol worship. I believe that the Almighty is pure, positive consciousness which uses no words but feelings and thoughts to communicate.

This time the vibe of Ganapati is low owing to the pandemic?

Thankfully yes! The lesser the idols, the lesser the pollution in the water bodies, which affects the quality and longevity of the aqua life.

Delicacies that you binge on during Ganapati festival?

I like to feast on modak and listen to high energy Ganapati dhol on YouTube which is thoroughly energising and empowering. But usually, mt food pattern is very basic and minimal and on all days I like simple ghar ka khana, dal chawaal and sabzi.

What do you cook as bhog for the festival?

I have no patience or time to make festive delicacies as I am mostly occupied with content creation for my streaming platform. Fortunately, my neighbours who are Maharashtrians send me home-cooked delicacies almost every day!

Sherlyn Chopra

 Fond memories of Ganapati?

As a school going girl, I would get to spend my Ganapati holiday with my dad who was a doctor. I'd visit his clinic and watch him interact with his patients. During lunchtime, I would play with his stethoscope and scribble on his letterhead in typical doctor's handwriting which is hardly comprehensible. It was nice to know that there existed a world outside my home and school.

Any wish you want Bappa to grant you?

There is a Bappa in all of us. We need to dig deeper to connect. I pray that we be blessed with the strength and courage to overcome all the challenges of 2020 and that we become stronger and healthier than ever before.

Are you religious?

I'm spiritual. We are energy in human bodies. Each thought produces an electric charge. Each feeling produces a magnetic charge. Together, our thoughts and feelings produce an electromagnetic field. We can modify our outer reality by changing our electromagnetic field. In other words, we can flip our reality by altering the quality of our thoughts and feelings.
 This is not philosophy. This is science. Science is the means of demystifying spirituality.

Your OTT platform Redsher is performing quite well, did you expect such a humongous response?

In just a month's time, Redsher has attracted 50K subscribers. This is just the beginning. I'm looking forward to launching high concept short films on my streaming platform.

Sherlyn Chopra

For the unversed, Sherlyn Chopra is the first Indian to grace the cover of Playboy, garnering accolades for her acting prowess in film and TV; she has done it all. And now in the age of nepotism debate and social media war, Sherlyn Chopra has turned entrepreneur and content creator with her brand new streaming platform 'Redsher'.

The glamour queen is now a proud owner of OTT platforms, and some of the videos that are setting high records are 'Under The Skin', 'Losing Control', 'Mood For Love', 'Sexy Cravings' and many more.