Frequent Sex Makes You Intelligent, New Study Says
Frequent Sex Makes You Intelligent, New Study SaysReuters

A latest research has found that sexual activity not only acts as a stress buster and burns away those extra calories but also boosts intelligence.

Researchers from Maryland and South Korea carried out a research on mice that were refrained from having sex, which resulted in a decrease in their intelligence.

The study explains that frequent sex helps supply more oxygen to the brain cells, thus increasing intelligence. Making love increases the production of neurons - the building blocks of the nervous system - in the hippocampus; the part of the brain responsible for long-term memory.

"We discovered that even though there had been the production of new neurons, the cognitive abilities acquired during the experiment decreased once the mice were subjected to long periods without sexual activity", said psychologists from the University of Maryland.

"Sexual interaction could be helpful for buffering adult hippocampal neurogenesis and recognition memory function against the suppressive actions of chronic stress," according to a press release.

In another recent study by Canadian researchers, it was found that half-an-hour of intense sexual activity burns more calories than a treadmill walk. The study evaluated the sexual activity of 21 couples between the age of 18 and 35. A 25-minute activity, helped men burn 100 calories on an average and women 69 calories. The intensity of the action is proportionate to playing double tennis or an uphill walk for 20 minutes or 40 minutes of yoga.

British Heart Foundation suggests that daily sex of 30 minutes is as healthy as a walk with the dog.

Apparently, older couples who are more sexually active are less likely to suffer from Alzheimer's disease or dementia.