COVID-19 pandemic has hit the US worst. Millions of lives lost to the deadly contagion and a vaccine is nowhere in sight. Health experts are hopeful that a coronavirus vaccine will be ready soon, but they haven't been able to pinpoint an exact timeline. Unlike Trump, who feels a vaccine will be ready sooner than later, Biden said it will be many months for a safe and effective vaccine to be widely available.

But Biden is sure of one thing. If he is elected the president of the United States, the COVID-19 vaccines, whenever ready, will be available to Americans for free. So all you got to do is vote for Biden. But there's just one problem with that. It's not morally or ethically right to use the vaccine as bait to get Americans to vote for you. It's not right for Biden, not right for Trump or anyone.

Joe Biden tells Donald Trump to grow up

The COVID-19 virus has already shown the worst of the health crisis in recent history, be it in terms of economic slowdown or even fatalities. At this time, it is duty of the elected president, whoever it may be, to act without a barter system.

Biden vs Trump

The US elections are just around the corner and Trump and Biden are at each other's throats in the presidential debates. The COVID-19 pandemic has remained a sensitive topic for Trump due to his failures to contain the virus effectively across the country. Biden has used Trump's shortcomings in the way the pandemic was handled in his debate to win points against the US president. But Biden has also gone as far as to promise to "shut down the virus" instead of the "economy" - taking another subtle jibe at the US President.

Trump Biden

Biden's COVID plan consists of mandating face mask nationwide, national testing, providing sufficient PPE for all Americans, then to provide consistent and reliable guidance on re-opening safely. And once they are all in place, it will be time to send kids back to schools safely, revive businesses and get the economy up.