Best Free Android Apps To Make Your Ramadan Productive: Prayers And Fast Timings, Food Recipes, Zakat And More
Best Free Android Apps To Make Your Ramadan Productive: Prayers And Fast Timings, Food Recipes, Zakat And MoreReuters

The holy month of Ramadan is fast approaching and Muslims all around the world are preparing in best ways to make the most of the glorious month. With extensive use of smartphones in our daily lives, it may be difficult to stay without your phone and focus on religious tasks during the holy month.

But what if you can transform your smartphone into a guide for your Ramadan schedule by taking advantage of various apps available in the digital marketplace? Here are a few free Android apps to guide you during the entire month. Everything from Ramadan timetable, prayer timings, important duas, zikr and even iftar recipes can be found within the reach of your fingers.

Ramadan 2015

Ramadan 2015 is a free Android app that packs several features and helps users track fast timings based on different locations, set alarm, prayer timings, compass for Qibla direction, important duas with meanings and pronunciations and a lot more.

You can download the Ramadan 2015 app on any smartphone running Android version 2.3 and above for free from Google Play Store.

Muslim Pro

Like other free apps tailored for Ramadan, Muslim Pro comes with full Quran script with translations, phonetics and recitations. In addition to a wide range of Duas, compass to find Mecca direction, Muslim Pro shows you Halal restaurants and mosques around your current location. The app also estimates the dates for Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha.

Download Muslim Pro for free from Google Play Store.

Ramadan Duas

Duas hold high significance during the holy month of Ramadan. The Ramadan Duas app offers wide range of duas Muslims seek for during the holy month, which commences next week. Duas for three Ashras (10 days of Ramadan month is one Ashra) are included in the app along with various duas for occasions such as Sehri, Iftar, moon sighting and for Taraweeh (Reciting Al-Quran during Namaz/Salat).

Download Ramadan Duas for free from Google Play Store.

Quran Android

Reciting Al-Quran, the holy book of Muslims, extensively is a significant part of Ramadan. If you are a frequent traveller and unable to carry the holy book with you all the time, the free Quran Android app will bring the digital version of the holy book to your smartphone.

Download Quran Android app for free from Google Play Store.

Ramadan k Masail (Unicode)

Ramadan k Masail is a useful app for those who have questions about various Ramadan activities such as Taraweeh, Sadqa-e-fitr (charity), Eid-ul-Fitr (celebration that concludes Ramadan). The Q&As are based on a book written by Islamic scholar Molana Muhammad Ilyas.

You can download the free Ramadan k Masail app from Google Play Store.

Zakat Calculator

Zakat is one of the major acts performed by Muslims during the month of Ramadan. Well-offs are advised to give a fixed percentage of their wealth for the needy to purify in order to purify their riches. Mostly the confusion lies around how much exactly a person must donate. In order to help smartphone users with that, Zakat Calculator app offers a seamless solution.

Download Zakat Calculator for free from Google Play Store.

Ramadan Achievements

Ramadan Achievements app does not offer any religious guidance, but serves as a great reminder for all the charitable things you have planned for the month. Using the app, you can select different tasks such as send snacks to neighbours, feed the hungry, complete Quran chapters and make sure you follow them.

Download Ramadan Achievements app for free from Google Play Store.

Ramadan Recipes Special

After a full day of fast from food and water, Iftar is the time when Muslims relish on delicacies. To make your Iftar special, recipes for various dishes are clubbed into a tiny app called Ramadan Recipes Special.

You can download the app for free from Google Play Store and find different ways to make your Iftar special.

Hijri Calendar Widget

Hijri calendar is based on the sightings of moon, which is followed by Muslims to observe different months such as Ramadan. Hijri Calendar Widget helps you keep a track of all your Ramadan dates and since it can be pinned to your home screen it offers an easy glance.

Download the free widget for your smartphone from Google Play Store.

Tasbeeh Counter

Tasbeeh counter is a great app that brings various prayers of zikr in a simple format. Each zikr comes with English translation and digital beads make it easier for counting your zikr. The app can run in the background so you can do other things on your smartphone as well. The app is free and does not offer ads.

Download Tasbeeh counter for your Android smartphone via Google Play Store.

Watch Live Makkah 24 Hours

Makkah, the holy place of birth of Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) and the sacred worship ground for Muslims, is the best place to be during the month of Ramadan. But if you cannot be present due to your schedule, you can watch the proceedings as they happen in Makkah using this free mobile app. The video streaming works on 2G, 3G and Wi-Fi. Users can choose different resolutions to avoid buffer.

Download free Watch Live Makkah 24 Hours from Google Play Store.