After his successful big screen debut with Chinese romantic movie "You Are My Sunshine", former EXO member Tao aka Huang Zitao is getting ready for his next film. Unlike his first movie, the next flick will be a war movie.

The upcoming Chinese film, "Railway Asylum", is set during the Second Sino-Japanese War that held from 7 July, 1937, to 9 September, 1945, and it tells the story of a group of Chinese railroad workers who were against Japanese aggression.

In the movie, the Chinese entertainer will portray a member of the railroad guerrilla fighters and share screen space with legendary Hollywood actor and martial artist Jackie Chan, according to Soompi.

"Railway Asylum" is directed by Ding Sheng of the "Police Story" fame and produced by Shanghai Film Group Corporation. The filming of the flick is apparently scheduled to begin in Shandong by the end of the year and is set to hit big screens of China in October 2017.

Tao is currently going through a legal dispute with popular South Korean record label SM Entertainment due to his solo activities in China. The singer terminated his contract with the entertainment agency in April and filed a contract nullification lawsuit against the firm at the Seoul Central Court on 24 August, 2015.