Coronavirus pandemic has not only claimed lives and instilled fears in the hearts of millions around the world, but it has also plunged economies of the world. The airlines industry was among the first ones to be hit really badly due to the travel bans imposed in almost all the countries around the world. Now, airplanes are stranded in airports and the airlines are cutting jobs and salary cuts to sustain the impact.

A ray of hope

India's 21-day lockdown comes to an end on April 14, and this looks like a ray of hope for airlines. Even though some states have already announced an extension of lockdown till the end of this month, PM Narendra Modi is going to address the nation on Tuesday to reveal the full plan to deal with coronavirus.

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Flying during coronavirus

The airlines, like IndiGo and SpiceJet, are seen preparing for the post-coronavirus travel arrangements. Social distancing is a must and the only reason why the 21-day lockdown was announced in the first place. If airlines start to operate, some really big changes in people's habits must need to change.

Social distancing while flying

Choosing the fly has been made more affordable in today's time than ever. Until the coronavirus outbreak took place, flights rarely flew half or even quarter empty. Getting the middle seat empty is almost a rare thing for frequent flyers and if you miss the early booking window or the check-in, you might end up in the middle, fighting for that precious armrest.

But the flyers' plight of having to sit cramped up in a three-seat row could be over - at least for the foreseeable future until a coronavirus cure has been invented and the pandemic is put behind us. If you're willing to fly during these challenging coronavirus times, there are some major changes waiting for you - some might even challenge your muscle memory.

  1. Only one passenger per row
  2. Social distancing will be maintained in bus carrying passengers from their terminal to the flight
  3. Passengers will maintain safe distance while boarding the flight
Delhi Airport
Delhi AirportWikimedia Commons

In trial runs conducted by Indigo and SpiceJet, it is shown that seats on busses will be marked and the passengers will need to stand within the designated areas to ensure social distancing. In-flight, passengers will be seated one in each row with an alternative seating arrangement.

It goes without saying that passengers won't be rushing to get up from their seats as soon as the flight lands to fetch their luggage. It looks like coronavirus will teach some social etiquettes besides personal hygiene.

Will you be flying post-lockdown? If yes, do you think the measures taken by the airlines are sufficient? Watch the video above and share your thoughts with us.