Flora Saini is known for speaking up against domestic violence and supporting women's rights. Apart from Hindi, Flora has worked in many Kannada and Tamil films as well. The actress recently opened up in detail about the alleged domestic violence she faced while she was in a relationship with producer Gaurang Doshi.

Flora Saini
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Saini's shocking revelations

Saini reportedly told News18 that her case was quite similar to that of Shraddha Walkar. She revealed that Gaurang first cut her off from everyone, including her family and then turned abusive. She revealed that her parents saw the red flags but she couldn't.

"One night, he'd beaten me so much that I had a fractured jaw. He took his father's picture and warned me saying I swear on my father that I will kill you tonight. When he turned back to keep the photo frame back, in that fraction of a second, my mom's voice echoed in my ears that at such a moment you will have to run," she said.

"Bas bhaag, mat soch ki kapde pehne hai ya nahi, paise hain ya nahi, bas bhaag. (Just run away, don't think whether you are wearing clothes, whether you have money, just run). I ran to my home and I decided that I'm never going back," she further added.