"The Flash" has been on a mid-season break since Dr Wells (Tom Cavanaugh) of Earth 2 made the unholy deal with Zoom in Season 2 Episode 9  "Running to Stand Still". The return of the CW show is still about a month away, with the premiere slated for Tuesday, 19 January.

However, we do have some updates on what can be expected in the upcoming Season 2 Episode 10, "Potential Energy". In the promo of the mid-season premiere, we see Barry (Grant Gustin) receiving opposing advice from Wells and Iris (Candice Patton) that will directly affect his relationship with Patty (Shantel VanSanten).

Wells is now living the nightmare of what happens when Zoom finds out who his enemies love. As fans know, Zoom has Wells' daughter Jesse (Violett Beane) imprisoned in Earth 2, and is forcing Wells to help Barry get to maximum speed potential so he can he steal all of it from him.

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Although Wells is begrudgingly working for Zoom, he warns Barry: "If Zoom learns who you care for, who you love, he will take them from you." He is clearly speaking from personal experience.

Meanwhile, Iris is seen telling him he cannot keep hiding who he is from Patty. She, too, is speaking from personal experience and the betrayal she felt when she learned that Barry and Joe (Jesse L Martin) both hid this huge a secret from her. Barry listens to Iris in the end, and decides to reveal his superhero identity to Patty in the upcoming episode "Potential Energy".

However, it looks like Barry is too late in reaching this decision, and in the promo we see Patty already kidnapped by Zoom. Her relationship with Barry aka The Flash undoubtedly puts a target on her back, and the only question at this point is how long she will remain alive in the show.

If Patty does get killed by Zoom, Barry will get the drive to run faster, which is what Zoom wants anyway. However, if she manages to escape, we will get to see a different dynamic in the Patty-Barry relationship. Ultimately it comes down to whether the writers want to keep the show more rom-com-esque or dark, and our best bet is on the latter.