"The Flash" Season 2 is on a winter hiatus, but that does not stop us from obsessing over what happens to Barry's (Grant Gustin) dynamic with the Wests now that Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) has been introduced.

Based on the promos, Wally will become a key member of Team Flash, but more importantly Season 2 Episode 10, titled "Potential Energy", is expected to focus on Zoom and Earth 2.

We are still ignorant about the man behind the black mask, but we know he is hell-bent on stealing Barry's speed, much like he did with Jay (Teddy Sears). And now, he has blackmailed Dr Wells of Earth 2 (Tom Cavanaugh) to help him.

Although we have heard tidbits about this parallel world better known Earth 2 from Jay and Wells, we have not seen much of it: Nothing more than in flashbacks of Wells and Jay, and slips from the prison which holds Wells' daughter.

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In the upcoming Episode 10, however, we might finally get to see Team Flash take a trip to Earth 2. In the promo for "Potential Energy", we hear Jay's voice-over warning the gang: "Up is down, black is white. Do not get distracted by anything you see along the way."

However, the statement is confusing in that Earth 2 was speculated to be a parallel world to the Earth we know and not a mirror image; so why is everything opposite there? Could it be that they are visiting a whole different Earth. There is, after all, an infinite multiverse to explore.

Regardless, we do get to see Danielle Panabaker in her Killer Frost make up, and she is definitely rocking the look. It would be great to see her take a break from playing the timid Caitlyn and sport the black lipstick and drawl: "Being bad is so much better". Especially now that Jay and Caitlin have kissed, both of their reactions to this evil version of Caitlin would be hilarious to watch.

We had seen a grim-looking Barry, complete with spectacles, engaging in a serious conversation with Frost in the leaked images from the sets of "The Flash".

In the new promo, this version of Barry is seen sharing a very private and loving moment with Iris (Candice Patton). She too seems a bit more mature without her usual hair down look; it is safe to assume the couple is married or at least in a very serious relationship in Earth 2.

According to Wells' AI Gideon, they are going to get married in this earth too — in the future; at least they were, until Barry travelled in time. A newspaper article from the future even showed her byline as Iris West Allen. 

Season 2 Episode 10 of "The Flash" titled "Potential Energy" will air on Tuesday, 19 January, on the The CW, ahead of which we will post constant updates and spoilers. So do not forget to check back here for them.