The wait for the second half of "The Flash" season 2 is almost over as its premiere episode will be aired on Tuesday, 12 January. In the mid-season finale of The CW series, Zoom had threatened Dr Wells of Earth 2 (Tom Cavanaugh), someone Barry (Grant Gustin) had only just begun to start trusting, and had asked him to work for him.

Zoom had made it clear that he had been sending meta-humans from Earth 2 to fight Barry, not because he wants them to kill him, but because he wants Barry's speed to increase with each battle. Zoom revealed to Dr Well of Earth 2 that when Barry's speed reaches it maximum potential, he will steal the young speedster's speed.

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Although Zoom is the villain, it is questionable as to why he needs all this speed; it does not make sense for him to steal it just for ego boost. He must have plans of some end-game with it, and when considering the possibilities, we return to our "Zoom is Henry Allen (John Wesley Shipp) of Earth 2" theory. The theory suggests that Henry Allen of Earth 2 is trying to turn back in time to save his wife Nora of Earth 2.

While the conundrum continues to confuse fans, there is also happy news to look forward to. Hollywood director Kevin Smith has been hired to direct an episode of "The Flash" season 2. Although it has not been revealed which episode he will direct, it is expected to be one of those scheduled to be aired in May.

Considering season 2 is following a similar time table as season 1, it would be one of the final three episodes. It would be quite epic to see Kevin Smith, who is used to working with huge movie budgets, directing a season finale that needs to make at least as much of an impact as season 1 finale has had.