Deadpool 2
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Marvel is clearly having a busy year. After announcing that Avengers: Infinity War's Thanos aka Jish Brolin will be joining Deadpool 2 as Cable, the R-Rated sequel's team is currently occupied with getting the characters right.

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The actor himself juggling the completion of his vicious role in the Avengers sequel sat down with the Deadpool team to start work on Cable.

Giving an insider's view of what happens in a preproduction of the Marvel movie, the actor was seen sitting in a studio with his head wrapped around a purple head mold.

Captioning the picture: "You know, just meditating," Brolin wrote, adding a slew of hilarious hashtags to complete his post. Hashtagging the obvious Deadpool 2, he added: "Clostraphobia [sic] rocks," and took a dig at Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds with the hashtag: "Ryan Reynolds is my b*tch."

You know, just meditating. #deadpool2 #clostraphobiarocks #ryanreyondsismybitch #umguys

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The funny coincidence of this picture is that the mold's purple hue reminds you of Thanos while the Avengers actor is actually preparing for the X-Men universe. We are still uncomfortable by the fact that the two Marvel universes are overlapping like this.

Cable. #robliefeld #marvel #xforce #robliefeldcreations #cable #deadpool

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Another picture of Cable is doing the rounds. A pencil sketch of Brolin as the Cable has been shared by Rob Liefeld, the comic book creator, showing Cable scar faced and giving fans a vague idea of how Brolin will appear in Deadpool 2.

But when will Deadpool 2 filming begin? Reports by suggest that Reynolds might return to his suit by the end of spring, i.e., June this year. With Thanos actor busy wrapping up shoot of the Avengers sequel, it is quite possible that the film will begin shooting then as most part of the Avengers Part 1 of the two-part sequel might have been completed.

Quoting numerous sources in their report, the website shares that the film will begin shooting on June 19 and the filming could complete by September 18. The shooting is expected to take place in Vancouver.

Many onlookers are predicting that the movie will premiere on the same weekend as Logan released.

Deadpool 2 will introduce Deadpool's time-traveling mutant partner, Cable and X-Force member Domino. A few weeks before Brolin was confirmed as Cable, Atlanta actress Zazie Beetz was roped in to play Domino. Stefan Kapicic, Brianna Hildebrand and Karan Soni are expected to reprise their roles.