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First case of Samsung Galaxy smartphone burst now reported in India; after global Galaxy Note 7 incidentsReuters

The year 2016 definitely wasn't a great one for Samsung with its Galaxy Note 7 catching fire randomly and even exploding in some parts of the world. Now, there is one more report of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone exploding and causing injuries - the difference is that the latest incident has been reported from Southern India.

News channels in Karnataka were recently abuzz with reports about a Samsung Galaxy smartphone exploding, whilst it was in a man's trouser pocket. The explosion is said to have caused injuries to its owner, a resident of a village within Bagalkot Taluk limits.

Details regarding the exact version number and variant of this Samsung Galaxy smartphone are yet to surface. Various reports state that the smartphone was charged up to 52%, when it suddenly burst and caused injuries on the thigh area of its owner, Siddappa Anagawadi, who is now said to be under treatment at the Bagalkot Taluk hospital. Siddappa, in a statement to Kannada news channels, said that he was sitting down when the smartphone burst without any warning.

Siddappa is said to have purchased this smartphone in 2014 and he has not given the phone for any repairs till the time it exploded and even after that. It is not known whether he would lodge a complaint against Samsung.

This incident is the first reported incident in India as far as Samsung smartphones going up in flames/exploding are concerned.

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