Sunny Leone
Sunny LeoneVarinder Chawla

After experimenting with films, Sunny Leone has moved to writing. She is now author to a collection of 12 erotic short stories titled "Sweet Dreams."

Sunny, in an interaction with the Press Trust of India, said publishing house Juggernaut Books approached her with the idea and she immediately took it up as a challenge. Sunny had never thought of becoming a writer and growing up, all she had was a diary, which was taken away after her mother spotted it.

"So it took me time to figure out the writing style... Sometimes we had to get straight to the point because it is a short story. That was challenging because you don't want to move forward so abruptly that a reader loses track," the news agency quoted her as saying. She took three months to write them.

Explaining further, she said that the stories have nothing to do with her personal life adding that she wrote them thinking what a woman would like to read. It is in the romantic space and written in a way that isn't too much for readers to handle.

"Now that it is going to release, I am very nervous. Besides the fact that it is a great avenue to reach out to fans, it was a challenge to see if I can do it, because you have movies and songs coming one after another, but this was personal. I hope they enjoy it," she added.

The Juggernauts app will release each story every night at 10 p.m. till May 3.

In other news, Sunny is gearing up for her film "One Night Stand," which opens in theatres on May 6. The drama features Tanuj Virwani in a key role.