Under lockdown, everybody has been told to stay home except those who are working tirelessly to contain the virus. There's little anybody can do, but even the little things add up to change. Celebrities have been proactive to rise to the occasion and work on this fight with the government.

While many celebrities have donated to the PM Cares Fund, and generously at that, there are a few celebrities who've literally gone out of their way to help. There are those who've gone the extra mile to be out there at the frontlines.

Shikha Malhotra, Vemal and Tovino Thomas

Celebrities volunteer to help the public health departments

The battle against Coronavirus is going to be a long and it's going to need manpower. The country has gone under lockdown and celebrities this time have been extremely active to join the cause, whether it's through entertaining fans on social media with videos and posts, donating to relief work and now by getting out there to help.

It takes some courage to step out in these dangerous times, but there are those few who are willing to take the risk. The healthcare system in the country and administration is overwhelmed by the crisis, so any helping hands will be useful.

Shikha Malhotra a Bollywood actress who acted in Shah Rukh Khan's Fan came to the forefront and is volunteering at a Mumbai hospital as a nurse. The actress incidentally has a degree in nursing and decided to help out because she is trained for the job. She made an appeal to all in the country who have medical degrees to come out and help at this time.

Shikha Malhotra

The Government is also carrying out heavy sanitisation across the country which is a huge task in itself. To help out, actor Vemal also joined the fight as a sanitary worker in Trichy to spray disinfectant. The public is appreciating him for taking up the responsibility voluntarily.


Malayalam actor Tovino Thomas has also turned a volunteer as part of the self-governing bodies for the delivery of essential services. All volunteers will be trained and equipped to handle the tasks. Some will be stationed at isolation wards, and help in awareness programmes of the State Government. 

From reel to real heroes, these actors have truly set an example, without being divas about it or any advertisement.