Rejoice fellow football freaks for the new FIFA 16 has finally landed. Well, not the official release that you were hoping for, but the closed beta for the game that requires a special code to run.

The beta for the game is a sort of public testing of the initial copy of the game. However, EA has also taken this opportunity to truly highlight all the sparkling new features this year's title will carry, but the main point of the beta is for players to get up close and personal with the game before it goes gold.

But this isn't the first time that a FIFA title has been treated to beta. While EA knows that, it also knows about the kind of problems each of the previous betas have arrived with that have literally driven some players to tears. 

However, as it seems, the company has put in a shift to make sure those problems of the past don't surface again, and here are the top four fixes to the game's beta that will be welcomed by the fans with open arms.

Complex Passing = Rise in Competition

EA has made some considerable changes to the way players pass the ball and keep the play in midfield. In the past, there have been instances where players shift from defence to attack in the blink of an eye, cutting out the midfield battles that are so prominent in real life. For FIFA 16, passing will be tough to master, with players required to be more focused on the ball and judge a pass carefully before making it. This may take a bit of time to master, but remain confident that it will surely take some players by surprise who aren't concentrating on the game.

More Involved Goalkeepers

One of the major talking points from FIFA 15 was the buggy goalkeepers who didn't want to move. EA knows the situation with FIFA 15, and has made sure that FIFA 16 is a much brighter prospect, as far as solidarity at the back is concerned. No more will players be able to pass the ball past the goalkeeper so easily with FIFA 16, since they will be denied by the vastly improved GK reflexes and punching abilities. There's no question of edging a cheap goal in this FIFA, that's for sure.

Short Cut-Scenes.... Are Actually Short

There's no other way around this one. We hate cut-scenes in a game such as FIFA. Sure, cut-scenes form a great feature for a number of other titles in separate genres, but in a FIFA title, it is better if the cut-scenes are kept to a minimum – simply because we are not interested and want to play the game as soon as possible. For FIFA 16, cut-scenes have indeed been kept to a minimum, meaning players will be saved from the entire mad button-mashing just to kick off the game. We are impressed, EA!

Defenders Are Up for a Fight

For FIFA 16, EA has introduced a realistic defensive mechanism that will now make it even harder for attackers to evade them when rushing towards the goal on the counter. For FIFA 16, defences will be solid, strong and boast a presence that will make attackers and midfielders think twice before orchestrating a play in the middle of the park. For the new game, strong defensive players will have a similar virtual representation, and remain confident that scoring a goal past them won't be as easy you think.

EA Sports' FIFA 16 will be released later this year for all major consoles and PC.

Stay tuned for more updates.