Fidel Castro-
Fidel Castro dies at 90Reuters

The Cuban revolutionary icon had many love interests and reports state that he was married twice (but this is still debated). The Telegraph reports that his first wife was Mirta Diaz-Balart and they had one child, a boy named Fidelito (or Little Fidel.) says that Diaz-Balart came from a wealthy family and this marriage "exposed Castro to a wealthier lifestyle and political connections." Apparently, Castro cheated on Diaz-Balart and she divorced him. She then married "one of his sworn political enemies," Emilio Nuñez Blanco, and they lived in Madrid.

Castro then moved to another woman named Dalia Soto del Valle. He reportedly got married to her secretly in 1980. Some media report that was his 'companion' rather than wife. She was hardly seen in public but The Telegraph states that Castro had five boys between 1962 and 1974 with her. The sons were named - Alexis, Alex, Alejandro, Antonio and Angelito. Most of his sons now live in the large family property of Punto Cero in the Havanan area of Siboney.

However, he also fathered children with women he never got married to. Castro has a daughter named Alina with Natalia Revuelta, his mistress who was stated to be living in exile since December, 1993. Natalia Revuelta died in 2015 at the age of 89. Alina Fernandez lives in Miami, Florida now but she escaped from Cuba in 1993 sporting a wig and using a fake Spanish passport.

Castro is said to have fathered two more children out of wedlock according to The Guardian. They were Jorge Angel Castro, who lived in Cuba, and Francisca Pupo, who moved to the US in 1999 with her husband. 

He also had many other women who came and went in his life. In his book, "The Double Life of Fidel Castro," Juan Reinaldo Sanchez who was Castro's body guard for 17 years spills the beans on his many affairs. He states that he cheated on his first wife with Natalia Revuelta and then on his second wife Celia Sanchez, his private secretary and guard dog. The book reveals that he also had affairs with Juana Vera, his English-speaking interpreter and intelligence-service colonel; Gladys, the Cuban airline flight attendant; and Pilar, a French-speaking interpreter.

In her 1998 autobiography, Castro's Daughter: An Exile's Memoir of Cuba, Alina Fernandez described her father as a distant dictator and wrote that she was closer to his brother, Raúl Castro, whom she described as a good family man. In 2014, when she was asked by the EFE news agency how the people will look back at Castro's legacy, she said, "For Cubans, the legacy of Castro is a country ruined and with part of its people in exile, an experience very hard and very difficult to cure."