What is unique about delirium in COVID 19 patients is that it is now bedevilling patients of all age groups and not just limited to be experienced by older patients. (Picture for representation only)Reuters

Since the pandemic began, people have been in a rush to find a solution for the deadly Coronavirus. This is easier said than done, where devising a solution or a prevention tool against any virus can take years. Scientists and researchers, however, are leaving no stone unturned.

A new invention straight from Bengaluru has made the world news, this is the SHYCOCAN, built and assembled at De Scalene in Bengaluru. It has proved that it can kill 99.9% of the virus floating in the air within closed spaces.

SHYCOCAN gives India hope

It must be noted that this new invention is not a cure or a vaccine that can help already infected patients of the virus. The SHYCOCAN however, can prevent the spread of the virus within closed spaces as it neutralises Coronavirus.

The Scalene Hypercharge Corona Canon (SHYCOCAN) was designed by a team ay the Organization De Scalene with Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar at the helm in Bengaluru. The Made in India device will be set at a price point affordable to the middle class, to be used in closed spaces that can range to 1,000 sq ft or 10,000 cubic metres. The device which can be used at offices, malls, waiting rooms, etc. is intended to bring down local transmission and slow the spread of the virus.

Corona canon
Source: Shreis Scalene Therapeutics LLC.

The device is a plugged-in device that can be used on a common 110/240V wall socket. The device is safe to use, Dr Kumar says as it neither uses nor produces chemicals or consumables. 

How does it work?

Then how does it work? The device emits the 'necessary signals to a photon mediated electrons emitters (PMEE'), it then produces "hypercharge high-velocity electrons by photon mediation that interacts with the negative seeking S-protein of Corona family of viruses," Dr Kumar explained. Dr Kumar further told ANI, "The attack mechanism of the Virus starts with the initial attachment of the virion to the host cell, it is initiated by interactions between the S-protein and its receptor on the "negative" cell membrane. The sites of receptor binding domains (RBD) within the S1 region of a coronavirus S-protein vary depending on the virus. The S-protein/receptor interaction is the primary determinant for a coronavirus to infect a host species and governs the tissue tropism of the virus. However, the end result is the fusion and release of the viral genome into the cytoplasm."

US FDA has cleared the device for use and for manufacturing, so has the EU's Conformite Europeene (CE), has put the device through over 26 tests, Dr Kumar revealed. The device will be released on August 15 at midnight. In a way, we can look forward to safer homes and spaces come Independence Day.