For all the fans of Fauda out there, here's some good news. The show will be back for its 4th season on Netflix soon. The official Instagram page of the Israeli series made the announcement. The hit Israeli series emerged as one of the most-watched shows in India too. And with each season, the show has managed to garner a bigger fanbase in the country.

"The news we've all been waiting for! Fauda will be back for Season 4! See you all soon!" said the official page while making the announcement.

Lior Riaz is the co-creator of the show. The show revolves around undercover commando unit in the Palestinian community and their plans to prevent terror attacks. These Israeli commandos go undercover to throw away militants from Palestinian villages. Marina Maximilian plays Lior Raz's love interest in the show. Over the years, Fauda has established itself as one of the most-watched international shows.

Fauda and controversies

While the world may never get enough of praising the show, Palestinians seem to think otherwise. The show witnessed several protests and call for shutting it down all across Palestine. Palestinians claimed that the show was anti-Palestinian and anti-Islam. Many were also of the opinion that the show had violent propaganda. Many even urged Netflix to stop streaming the show because of its factual inaccuracies and misinterpretations.

Season 3 Fauda had been added to Netflix globally on April 16, 2020, and the next season is expected to stream in 2021.