The father of the deceased pilot of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) who lost his life in a plane crash along with 97 onboard passengers has rejected the probe conducted by the management. In the inquiry conducted by PIA, the aircraft's pilot was held responsible as he ignored three warnings from the air traffic controllers (ATC) about the aircraft's altitude and speed before the landing. Father of deceased, Sajjad Gul called the inquiry 'tutored', and said that the ones conducting the investigation are nominated by the Pakistan government.

Calling the Pakistan government 'untrustworthy', his father questioned the report. He also said that on the day of the plane crash its pilot, Sajjad Gul was hailed as Pakistani hero but soon after the management of PIA held him responsible for the crash. As per his claims, the report of the investigation was leaked in the media. He also said, "My son was one of the most professional pilots of Pakistan. Last year, he flew for 1000 hours which is the maximum permissible limit a pilot is allowed to fly in 365 days. I completely reject this report."

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It is to be noted that the PIA top management who are directly involved in the investigation have served Pakistan Air Force and its military. The probe team is headed by Air Commodore Muhammad Usman Ghani, President of the Aircraft Accident and Investigation Board.

Pilot ignored three warnings: Official investigation

The report which was made public on Monday and highlighted that before the national carrier's PK-8303 tragedy on Friday happened, the pilot was warned thrice. The Airbus A-320 that was on its way from Lahore to Karachi was 15 nautical miles away from Jinnah International Airport, flying 10,000 feet above ground instead of 7,000 when the Air Traffic Control (ATC) gave the first alert to lower the altitude of the aircraft.

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The report claimed that the pilot ignored this and when only 10 nautical miles were left till the airport, the plane was at an altitude of 7,000 feet instead of 3,000 feet. He was reportedly warned but he still ignored, claiming the plane to be under control.