"Fast & Furious 8" fans are already celebrating the news that the production of "Fast & Furious 7" sequel has taken off. And now, various speculations revolving around the cast and plot of the film have started doing the rounds.

While the film will officially hit theatres only after two years, the film's cast including Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriquez have dropped major clues about the plot and their choice of actors, who could appear in "Fast & Furious 8".

Vin Diesel, who plays Dom, has already hinted that Dame Helen Mirren may join the cast as there are many characters that she could play in the eighth instalment of the "Fast & Furious" series. He had said that roles of Ramsey's mother or Shaw brothers' and Deckard's scheming matriarch, where Helen could fit, are still open.

Rodriguez, on the other hand has reportedly told ET! (via Christian Post) that she would want Angelina Jolie to be her co-star in the film, as the next villain to join the film's badass gang.

Other actors on the rumoured-to-join "Fast & Furious 8" list include "Orange Is The New Black" actress Ruby Rose, who confirmed that she is in talks with the makers of "Fast & Furious". It is said that she may come on board to play a character that will be related to Agent Luke Hobbs. Apart from this, there is buzz Cara Delevingne could join as a new member of the Toretto family, now that Mia is gone and that Eva Mendes may come back and reprise her role as Monica Fuentes, an undercover customs agent from the second instalment.

In her interview with People, Michelle Rodriguez also hinted about the film's plot and how it will focus more on the racing aspect and not just special effects. "Paul wanted to bring it back down to the core, which is the racing. He was always complaining about the special effects and the blue screens," Rodriguez shared.

The actress also said that Walker wanted to do away with exaggerated explosions and crazy plot lines. "And so the next film will attempt to keep it "true to Paul's wishes. I think that's what Vin meant when he said his main focus on the next one will be trying to keep it true to that car audience," she added.

"Fast & Furious 8" is scheduled to hit theatres on 14 April, 2017.