Young farmer tries to immolate himself in front of Tahsildar's office

Much drama happened in front of S Rayavaram Mandal Tahsildar's office in Vishakhapatnam on Monday when a young farmer attempted suicide by trying to immolate himself after he learned that the village revenue officer allegedly deleted a part of his inherited land from the revenue records.

Polavarapu Ramana, a farmer from Peda Uppalam village, has 1.5 acres of inherited land from Polavarapu Kannayya of Peddapushpalam village of S Rayavaram. The passbook was in the name of Kannayya. Ramana applied for a change of passbook in his name recently. When his name was changed in the passbook, a technical glitch happened and he found that 36 cents of land was missing from the records and registered in the name of one P Appalakonda of the same village.

No help given

The farmer was uneducated and he could not see the mistake when it happened. His sons Apparao and Nookaraju later approached VRO Eswararao for correction carrying relevant documents. Rather than settling down the case, the two farmers were abused. It was noticed that the remaining 0.36 cents was handed over to some other person from the same village.

The matter came to light on Tuesday. After no help was given to Nookaraju, he immediately doused himself in diesel, which he carried and tried to immolate himself. When Ramana figured this, he was uncontrollable too. However, the locals foiled his attempt. Tahsildar Satya Narayana met the farmer and spoke to him about the issue and asked him to lodge a complaint.

Another incident

In a similar incident that had happened in Telangana, a woman tahsildar had lost her life. She was burnt alive in her office chambers at Abdullapurmet in Rangareddy district.

A farmer, who was an aggrieved tenant farmer and was upset with the tahsildar as she was unable to settle a land dispute, had burnt the woman alive after walking into her office and pouring kerosene over her and himself and setting her ablaze. The woman officer, identified as Vijaya Reddy (37), was charred to death. She was a resident of Kothapet.