Bethesda's upcoming open world adventure thriller Fallout 4 is yet to release, but it has been treated to a host of rumours and leaks prior to its big unveiling at this year's E3. And, going by how Fallout games work out in the industry, we have our fingers crossed for Fallout 4 as well.

While the game, alongside the mobile-based Fallout Shelter, was officially announced at the event, we were still waiting for more solid details for Fallout 4. And now, to the delight of Fallout fans across the world, Bethesda has shared some solid bits of news that's enough to keep most of us on the edge of our seats.

Bethesda recently decided to speak out on the game during the company's exclusive Fallout 4 presentation at this year's QuakeCon 2015.

As far as details are concerned, Bethesda has revealed that the Dog Meat companion in the game will be found relatively soon, after you have left Vault 111, aside the fact that there will be 12 total companions to choose from to take on your adventures through the ruined city of Boston.

In fact, the players can even have the previously shown character, Preston Garvey, of the Commonwealth Minutemen to join them. There's also the newly revealed character, Piper. Piper can be found near Diamond City, also known as Fenway Park, apart from even the robotic assistant, Mr Handy.

But, if that's not enough to fuel the Fallout fire inside you, here's the most intriguing bit of detail to have come out of the Fallout 4 presentation at this year's QuakeCon.

Apparently, the players will even be able to forge a romantic relationship with their companions regardless of gender or type. And, while we won't speculate much about that, it seems like Fallout 4 could allow you to make out with your robot (robot sex, ladies and gentleman).

However, if you choose to play without a companion, you will be open to earning separate perks from that. For that matter, the game will offer a total of 70 perks. Each perk will come with a set of ranks to unlock while you level your character. On an overall, there are 275 total different choices of perks.

Apart from that, Bethesda also discussed a bit about player names, and that the game is programmed to take into account thousands of common names. In fact, according to the developer, even if you name your character "f***face", the game will say it.

As of now, Fallout 4 is set to launch on 10 November for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Twinfinite]