Land mafia has created ruckus in Bengaluru, trying to occupy properties in the city through litigation, and now a "fake suits" gang, up for hire, is grabbing litigation properties at the behest of politically-connected VIPs. A probe by the state CID has exposed the modus operandi of the gang, which obtains "fake decrees" from courts to evict tenants in the pretext of a rental dispute.

The CID has filed 60 FIRs in connection to the evictions racket, but the investigation agency is yet to take action against the VIPs involved in the case, which names one former MP linked to both Congress and BJP in the documents seized in connection with the probe.

"The CID is yet to file FIRs in cases involving politicians and VIPs who used the gang to claim prime properties. The preliminary probe has revealed the involvement of VIPs. The CID is currently pursuing cases where evictions have been attempted or executed by the gang itself. The probe is being conducted in a step-by-step manner," said sources familiar with the investigations, according to Indian Express.

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How the "fake suits" gang operate?

The fake suits gang have reportedly grabbed properties worth several hundred crores at the behest of VIPs. This gang used to create fake rental agreements for the intended property and then stir up a dispute between a fake owner and a fake tenant. Using this as ground for litigation, the gang would approach small-causes court seeking eviction notice. Later, the gang would inform the court of a compromise, saying the tenant has agreed to leave the property and sought a court decree for the eviction of the tenant.

The gang would use this "fake decree" to evict the actual occupants of the property. They would even use police support for the eviction, which would force the tenants to leave.

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"A large number of properties targeted by the gang at the behest of VIPs are located in east Bengaluru in places like Krishnarajapuram, Benson Town, Banaswadi. The properties targeted in these areas measured up to 20,000 square feet when the property price was around Rs 5000 per sq ft. The gang was paid around Rs 70 lakh for facilitating a fake decree," police sources said.

The gang, available for hire, used the eviction racket to grab properties for VIPs. The CID has been probing the racket in depth, after it was handed over earlier this year. The High Court has directed the CID to complete the investigation expeditiously and submit a status report.