As Apple was streaming its iPhone launch event, tens of thousands of viewers were glued to a fake Apple crypto livestreaming on YouTube with Tim Cook on stage.

The Apple crypto livestreaming on YouTube had an old interview with Cook and the user who ran the video aimed to grab the attention of Apple lovers and take them to a crypto scam website.

YouTube later removed the fake live stream for violating its terms of service.

The YouTube stream had a strange title "Apple Event Live. CEO of Apple Tim Cook: Apple & Metaverse in 2022."

Apple Card launch
Apple CEO Tim Cook

The livestream showed an old interview that CNN conducted with Cook in 2018, reports The Verge.

The YouTube user added the Bitcoin and Ethereum logos to the video stream, covering the CNN Money logo with the text "Apple Crypto Event 2022".

He also added bold text reading "URGENT NEWS" at the bottom.

Once people clicked into the channel's page, the URL took them to a fake crypto scam website.


The misleading stream attempted to con people who may be aware that Apple is going for a big launch event.

Apple on Wednesday launched the new iPhone 14 series with four models -- iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max -- along with 3 Apple Watch models and a second-generation AirPods Pro.