Fair And Lovely
A still from Fair And Lovely.

After making his debut four years ago with "Cheluveye Ninne Nodalu", director Raghuram is back with "Fair and Lovely" starring Prem Kumar and Shwetha Srivatsav of "Simpallagi Ond Love Story" fame.

"Fair and Lovely" is a romantic story that banks on good screenplay and dialogues. The pattern of the narration might remind us of "Simpallagi Ond Love Story", but the film is completely different from the former.

Plot: Manu aka Manoj lands in a brothel by mistake and meets Bhumika (Shwetha). To their shock, police raids the house and the duo will be trapped. Following which they reveal how they landed in the brothel.

Raghuram has written the story with lots of twist and the surprise in the climax gets full marks for the screenplay.

Prem Kumar reinstates that he is growing as an actor. Shwetha does her role neatly and impresses the audience as a sex worker. Harikrishna's music is a big disappointment and his background is situational. Jagadish Wali's cinematography stands out as one of the highlights of this Kannada movie.

The flick is full of life and the entertainment values are high if you love sharp and witty dialogues. The conversation between the lead actors, at places, is highly impressive. "We are like dustbins...without us the society would not be clean," this one-liner is just an example of how well the dialogues have been written in "Fair and Lovely".

Raghuram, in his second attempt, seems to have worked well on the script. Even though the film does not boost of a great story, his screenplay makes the difference.

Verdict: "Fair and Lovely" is purely entertaining. No second thought in it.
Rating: 3/5