With exactly 35 days until the 2020 US election, President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden waded into their first debate on Tuesday night in Cleveland, Ohio, trading jabs. In between all the "oh! stop yapping" and "will you shut up, man?", Biden said something that caught the attention of netizens worldwide. 

Biden's speech took social media by storm after people were divided over whether or not did he use the Arabic term "Inshallah" during the US Presidential debate with Trump.

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During the debate, Biden pushed his rival to release his tax returns to which Trump said his records would be released "when they were ready." This was said in the backdrop of reports of the US  president only paying $750 in federal income taxes in 2016 and 2017, and none in 10 of the previous 15 years.

Biden butted in with a sarcastic tone and said either "When, In July?" or "When? Inshallah". After which the netizens couldn't help but debate: "Did he really say Inshallah tho(ough)?" One user commented on the video that was shared. Although another wrote: "I heard 'when...in July?" 

International Business Times, India, finds out what did Joe Biden exactly say? 

The Claim

While some believed that Biden used the word Inshallah, there were many who thought he mocked Trump's tax returns and said: "When In July?"  Netizens said why would he use an Arabic term, he might have just questioned the Tax returns of Trump and sarcastically and asked him "when in July?"

The Truth: 

Joe Biden
Former Vice President and Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden makes a statement during an event in Wilmington, Delaware, US September 24, 2019.Reuters

Yes, Biden did say "Inshallah" to Trump's tax returns and here's the proof, according to the US Presidential candidate, Joe Biden's campaign. 

Asma Khalid, the National political correspondent for NPR, who is currently covering the 2020 presidential campaign, took to her Twitter account and shared that she confirmed with the former VP's campaign and "Inshallah" is exactly what he said. 

Asma Khalid tweeted, "Okay, for those of you wondering - did Joe Biden really drop an "inshallah" with the appropriate sarcastic usage? Yes, he did. I confirmed with his campaign - that is indeed what the man said." 

Why would Biden use the word Inshallah in his speech?

Inshallah is an Arabic term for God-willing but the usage of the word is also known to have been used informally by some to indicate something which is more unlikely to happen. So when Biden dropped an Inshallah on Trump it was a sarcastic way of saying 'Yeah, right! Unlikely to happen."

Claim reviewed :

Fact-check: Yes, Biden said ‘Inshallah’ mocking Trump on his taxes; here's what he said

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