PAK flag removed from car
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The green-colored flag with crescent and a star shown in the video is the flag of the All-India Muslim League and not Pakistan as suggested.

There are many variations of green flag with crescent and star on it. The first impression is that it is the flag of Pakistan, but there are similar flags that belong to some political parties - some even in India. A video was shared on Twitter on Friday, which was shot in Bengaluru's Electronic City, showing a car with a flag on the bonnet, which resembled that of Pakistan flag.

The claim

The video shows a Bengaluru traffic police officer supervising the removal of the so-called Pakistan flag from the bonnet of a Karnataka-registered Toyota Fortuner. The flag is then replaced with Indian tricolor.

The video has since got thousands of views and a lot of users are praising the Bengaluru Police for its actions.


IBTimes fact-check team noticed the viral video and the comments it had received. A lot of users were quick to point out that it was the Pakistan flag on the car and the person who had it should be punished. Looking closely, it is clear that the flag resembles that of the Pakistani flag but it is not the flag of India's neighbouring country.

Only a quick web search on Google will reveal that the flag is more identical to the All-India Muslim League. Although quite similar, the biggest difference is that the Pakistan flag has a white vertical strip on the left. The flag seen on the car's bonnet has a completely green background with a crescent and star facing towards the right direction.

PAK flag removed from car
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All-India Muslim League, succeeded by the Muslim League, founded by Mohammed Ali Jinnah, who was the president of the party. The independent party led the Pakistan Movement to achieving an independent nation.

The flag on the car's bonnet also resembles the religious flag for the Muslims in India. It is often mistaken to be Pakistan flag. Another variation of the green flag with a crescent and star on it is that of the Indian Union Muslim League, a registered political party-based in Kerala. But the crescent and the star on the IUML flag faces left and it is positioned on the top-left corner.

It's not clear as to which flag the owner of the car was intending to showcase. If it was the former, the All-India Muslim League has Pakistan origin, hence the decision to remove it was apt.

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