Celebrities having their imposters are common sight on social media sites. With the internet data getting cheaper in India, it has been a tough task for the public figures to deal with their impersonators who have the potential to cause huge damages to their reputation if not addressed on time.

Vijay with his children
Are Vijay's son and daughter on Twitter?PR Handout

Well, the blue-tick verification has come as a relief to many celebrities on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. However, the problem does not end there for the public figures as miscreants go to the extent of creating fake accounts in their family members' names.


Now, there are some accounts in the names of Vijay's son Jason Sanjay and daughter Divya Shasha which are misleading the fans.

Thalapathy's son Jason Sanjay is celebrating his 20th birthday on Wednesday, 26 July. An account in his daughter's name Divya Shasha Vijay (@shasha_vijay) sent wishes to the account with the actor son's name Jason Sanjay (@JasonSanjayOff).

This conversation made the actor's fans believe that Vijay's son and daughter are on Twitter.

Vijay's son and daughter not on Twitter

Fact-checking the Claim:

Sources have confirmed that the son and daughter of Vijay are not on Twitter. The accounts in their names are fake. Notably, the imposter of Divya has close to 20,000 followers on the social media site.

The legion of the actor's fans are sending him the birthday wishes through Vijay's official account. However, some fan's wishes are tagging Jason Sanjay's fake account to send their wishes. 

Claim reviewed :

Vijay's son Jason Sanjay and daughter Divya Shasha on Twitter

Fact Check :