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People in Karnataka have been concerned after rumours of a fresh lockdown emerged on Wednesday. From previous experiences, word of a lockdown is enough to send people into frenzy. So, when PM Modi's speech which has been cited as a reason, was making the rounds, people wondered what would come of a new lockdown.

However, the government has clarified that there will be no new lockdown. Medical education minister Dr K Sudhakar also clarified that this was not what PM Modi meant in his address.

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After the past experience of lockdown, many have been scared of a new lockdown. With Karnataka's COVID-19 situation people have a reason to be afraid. Moreover on Wednesday in a meeting with state representatives talking about COVID management in the worst-affected areas.

The Prime Minister told the CMs present in the meeting, "Every state should analyse how effective the one-two day local lockdowns are against coronavirus. Are economic activities in your state facing difficulties due to this? All states should seriously consider this." He further stated that the previous lockdown had been successful. 

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The Prime Minister's emphasis on the need for containment and the praise for the lockdown created a public dialogue on the possibility of a new lockdown in Karnataka. Karnataka also happens to be one of the worst-affected states in India.


After the conversation on the lockdown increased dramatically, now medical education minister Dr K Sudhakar put such rumours to rest on Thursday. He was quoted as saying, "It was more of a suggestion from his side rather than a direction. Moreover, I do not see any reason to implement it in Karnataka."

There has been no proposal for another lockdown, he said. Further adding, "It was a fruitful discussion. Let none should misinterpret or misguide people in the state or elsewhere. There will be no seal down also."

Tourism minister CT Ravi also asserted, "What needs to be done is people should strictly follow safety protocols if at all we want to fight this dreaded virus. There will be no lockdown in Bengaluru or elsewhere in the state." 

As a few politicians have so far succumbed to the virus, there is a rising concern in Karnataka over COVID-19. However, for now, there will be no new lockdown in the state.

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