A post claiming "huge downfall of the economy" is going viral on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. The post titled "Very motivational at this hour" is attributed to industrialist Ratan Tata. In the viral post, it is claimed that Tata has written that some experts have predicted the huge downfall of the economy due to coronavirus pandemic.

Ratan Tata
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 "I don't know much about these experts. But I do know for sure that they do not know anything about the value of human motivation and determine efforts," the post read adding that "the Indian economy will bounce back in a great manner".

Ratan Tata issues clarification

The post was going viral in the name of Ratan Tata, prompting him to issue a clarification that he didn't write the post and urged media to verify such news. He said that if he will have to say anything on any issue, he will do so on his verified official channels.

"This post has neither been said nor written by me. I urge you to verify media circulated on WhatsApp and social platforms. If I have something to say, I will say it on my official channels. Hope you are safe, and do take care," Tata wrote on Twitter along with the viral post.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the world economy of its knee with several countries in a complete or partial lockdown. The virus has led to job losses in both organised and unorganised sectors on a large scale. Ratan Tata, who is known for his generosity, has pledged Rs 1,500 crore in the fight against coronavirus in India. 

"The COVID 19 crisis is one of the toughest challenges we will face as a race. The Tata Trusts and the Tata group companies have in the past risen to the needs of the nation. At this moment, the need of the hour is greater than any other time," he had said.

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Post on economic effects of coronavirus attributed to Ratan Tata

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