Misleading pic

A Pakistani journalist who claims to specialize in investigative journalism did the least bit of investigation or journalism for that matter. Sharing a photo of a Mi-17 chopper crash, host of a program called Khara Sach, the anchor claimed it accident took place in Ladakh and even promised to bring any developments.

The claim

"Indians please check is this your M 17 crashed in Laddakh? We will keep you posted of any developments," Mubasher Lucman tweeted along with a photo of a crashed IAF's M-17 chopper. The overturned chopper has snowy mountains in the backdrop, easy to assume the crash site was Ladakh.

Fact check

Thousands of people have interacted with the tweet. But a lot of netizens were quick to point out the fact behind the pic.


IBTimes fact-check team verified the contents of the tweet by the Pakistani journalist. The photo shared by Lucman is actually from a 2018 crash near Kedarnath Temple in Uttarakhand. A quick image reverse search gives the link to the original incident from April 2018.

The journalist got the location and date of the incident both wrong. Moreover, he mentions it is M 17, whereas the actual term for the chopper model is Mi-17. The chopper had crashed during landing at Kedarnath helipad. To give more context, the chopper was carrying material meant for reconstruction work and there were no casualties. All 6 passengers survived the crash.

Based on these facts, IBTimes concludes the contents of Mubasher Lucman to be misleading.

Claim reviewed :

Fact-check: No, M-17 did not crash in Ladakh; PAK journalist misleads using 2018 image

Fact Check :