With the number of cases reported on novel coronavirus keeps increasing per day, the public keeps wary about its means of spread. The highly contagious virus is said to spread through water droplets and can remain on solid surfaces depending on its matter. 

According to the study reports, the virus can stay the longest, up to three days on surfaces like plastic and steel. While on paper it can survive for a maximum of three hours. Yet such ways of transmission has not been reported anywhere so far.


currency coronavirus

A digital media outlet based in Hyderabad claimed that the Andhra Pradesh police have advised the public to avoid cash sanction for at least two weeks, in view that the coronavirus 'might' have spread through currency. However, the Andhra Police department put out a tweet clarifying the matter. 

Police department tweets on the spread

In a recent tweet by the Andhra Pradesh police department, the police force highlights the least chances if transmission through paper, particularly the currency notes.

Director-General of Police Gautham Sawang had said, "It's just one of the possibilities of catching infection which our staff in the office have incorporated in one of the many routine messages which are sent on a daily basis to keep alerting units on the ground. Just to be aware of the possibilities and to keep them alert all the while." 

"As on date. There is no proof or any established evidence of contamination by currency notes of any kind whatsoever in the state," later added his statement.


The police force also took to Twitter to further underline the importance of the statement. It reiterated that no 'established evidence' has been reported on the contamination by currency notes of any kind in the state, and there was no need for panic generated on it.

The DGP office has but also advised the police heads of all cities and districts in the state to encourage digital transactions for safety.  

Meanwhile, Andhra Pradesh reported a sum of 534 cases on Covid-19.