A tweet has been making the rounds on social media, stating that fixed-line broadband and internet services in Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh will be snapped. The post was allegedly circulated in the name of Union Home Minister Amit Shah. A statement from the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) on Tuesday, June 30, dismissed the tweet, circulating in the name of the minister.

MHA issues clarification

Spokesperson, Ministry of Home Affairs, stated, "A tweet is circulating in the name of Union Home Minister mentioning fixed-line broadband and internet in Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh to be snapped. This tweet is fake. No such tweet has been done from Union Home Minister's twitter handle."

Amit Shah
The tweet circulated

The fake news comes amid border tensions in Ladakh after the India China standoff in Galwan Valley on June 15.

Fake tweet creates furor

The claims made by the tweet saying that fixed broadband and internet in Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh will be snapped created a furor on social media with people pouring in their thoughts.

Someone said that the Union Home Minister will never tweet from an Android phone.

Another user added, "Snapped" is an informal term. Gazette jargon is missing. That itself is the proof that it's fake news."

With another user stating that usual suspects are Pakistanis.

Interestingly, what actually stood out in the post was the font used. The font used was 'Comic sans' and it was quite unusual for the Home Minister because he has always used formal/official templates to convey messages through social media.

Four people arrested

In Gujarat on May 9, four people were detained for spreading a fake tweet about the Union Home Minister. Hearing this, Shah had personally posted on Twitter issuing a statement saying that he was healthy and not suffering from any illness.

Shah's post had stated, "When the messages were brought to my attention, I thought to let people enjoy their imagination. That is the reason I did not respond earlier. However, my party workers and lakhs of well wishers have been expressing concerns. I want to clarify today I am absolutely healthy and not suffering from any illness."

Claim reviewed :

Amit Shah didn't tweet on fixed-line broadband services in J&K

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