The video that went viral claiming to be from Bengaluru's Victoria Hospital is from AIIMS Hospital in Patna.

A video showing over hundreds of patients swarming an OPD room has resurfaced on Twitter on Sunday (July 19) morning, leaving social media users stunned. The nightmare-inducing video appears to have come to light in the event of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

What the viral video says

Netizens took to Twitter and Facebook sharing the video with the claim that the video was from the Victoria Hospital in Bengaluru.

In the viral video, a man can be heard saying, "This is the amount of rush that we are getting at room number 5, OPD ground floor. Looking at the amount of patients here, it is a complete threat to all the doctors and staff of the hospital including the patients. This is Dr Rana Singh here," he can be heard saying.

The doctor, as claimed in this video, says that he recorded the video because of the rush, where dozens of people are huddled together in a small space amid the Covid-19 crisis.

Verifying the claims

Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Sandeep Patil, IPS, refuted the rumours and said, "#Covid False video about conditions of hospitals in Blore circulated on social media..Case registered in Cybercrime PS..While Govt, society at large fighting the pandemic..Some r creating/forwarding messages/videos which has potential to create panic in society..REFRAIN FROM IT."

bengaluru victoria hospital
The accused who has been nabbed by the city police has falsely mentioned that the video is from Victoria Hospital, Bengaluru in his Facebook post.

International Business Times, India, reached out to Sandeep Patil to know about the development in the case. He said that an accused, identified as Smeer Ullah, has been arrested in connection with the case. The accused is said to be 46-years-old and a resident of Tilak Nagar in Bengaluru.

Meanwhile, Dr CR Jayanthi, director-cum-dean of the medical institution, has also clear the air and confirmed that the video is from AIIMS Patna.

Disclaimer: International Business Times, India, has found that the video is from AIIMS Hospital in Patna and was falsely identified to be from the city's Victoria Hospital.

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Viral video of sea of patients at Bengaluru’s Victoria Hospital

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