The legendary Dilip Kumar was hospitalised on Sunday to P.D. Hinduja Hospital at Khar after he complained of breathlessness and subsequently diagnosed with bilateral pleural effusion. Ever since the news broke, Dilip Kumar's fans and well-wishers have been sending wishes and praying for the veteran actor's speedy recovery. Amidst all this, there are some forwards circulating in WhatsApp groups about the actor being dead, which are untrue.

The claim

As the news of Dilip Kumar in ICU after he was diagnosed with bilateral pleural effusion and kept on oxygen support broke, there have been several forwards on WhatsApp claiming that the 98-year-old legend has passed away. A screen-grab has been made viral on WhatsApp groups, with a black and white photo of Dilip Kumar with a message: "Goodbye Dilip Kumar" along with "11 December 1922 - 6 June 2021" below, implying that the actor passed away on Sunday.

Fact check: Dilip Kumar is alive, condition stable; reports of actor's death false

The viral photo also has a logo of "India Live TV," to make people believe that the information is sourced from a TV news channel.

Fact check: Dilip Kumar is alive, condition stable; reports of actor's death false

Fact check

International Business Times also received the viral photograph of Dilip Kumar with a message implying his death. But the claim is baseless and false as there are many red flags. There is no media channel with the name India Live TV with a tricolour logo. Moreover, we checked for reports about the actor's health and there is nothing about his death. On the contrary, Dilip Kumar's condition is stable and is being monitored by a team of medicos headed by Parkar and cardiologist Dr Nitin Gokhale.

Dilip Kumar is alive, not dead

Since the news of Dilip Kumar's hospitalisation was first shared on Twitter, we checked for updates and found a post that debunks the rumours about the actor's death. Taking to Twitter, Bollywood veteran actress Saira Banu wrote: Don't believe in WhatsApp forwards. Saab is stable. Thank you for your heart-felt duas and prayers. As per doctors, he should be home in 2-3 days. Insh'Allah."

Dilip Kumar is alive, not dead

IBTimes finds rumours about Dilip Kumar's death fake and the viral photo being shared on WhatsApp groups sending false news.

Claim reviewed :

Fact check: Dilip Kumar is alive, condition stable; reports of actor’s death false

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