Ridhima Kapoor Sahni, daughter of Bollywood actor late Rishi Kapoor, has not been given permission to fly to Mumbai from Delhi to be with her family. She has only been given permission to travel to Mumbai by road. 


A media report claimed that Ridhima Kapoor, who is married to industrialist Bharat Sahni and stays in the national capital, has been given permission to fly to Mumbai. After that, several people started lambasting the government for not allowing the family of a decorated Army officer from Bengaluru to fly to attend his funeral, while Rishi Kapoor's daughter was granted permission.

Kapoor given permission to fly during lockdown
According to Delhi Police, Ridhima Kapoor Sahni has been given permission to travel by road.Twitter

"There is nothing worse than losing a loved and it's good that the government has allowed Ridhima Kapoor to fly to Mumbai. If only the government had shown the same sensitivity when the old parents of a decorated soldier wanted to fly to Bangalore to attend their son's funeral," wrote a user on Twitter sharing the report.

Rishi Kapoor

Delhi police says issued pass to travel by road

However, Ridhima Kapoor has not been given permission to fly but only given passes to travel by road. RP Meena, Delhi Police DCP (southeast) said that five people, including Ridhima, have been issued movement passes and they can only travel by road.

"We issued the movement passes to five people, including the actor's daughter Riddhima, at about 10.30 am this (Thursday) morning so that they can travel by road as we understand it is an emergency situation," DCP (southeast) RP Meena told ThePrint.

Only Amit Shah can give permission to fly

However, Ridhima had sought permission from the Narendra Modi government on Wednesday night to fly to Mumbai by a chartered flight but officials reportedly told her that it could only be given by Union Home Minister Amit Shah. After that, they asked Delhi Police to grant them movement passes to travel to Mumbai by road to attend his father's funeral. Rishi Kapoor died at 67 after a long and hard battle against Leukemia. The actor passed away early this morning survived by his wife and two children.

Flights, trains, and bus travel have been banned during the lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus pandemic in the country. Yesterday, the government allowed the movement of stranded migrants, students and tourists more than a month after the lockdown was announced.

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Rishi Kapoor daughter given permission to fly during lockdown to attend her father's funeral

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