A tweet allegedly from Omani Princess Mona, in which she has threatened to expel nearly one million Indians if the Narendra Modi government doesn't stop the "persecution of Muslims" in India, is going viral on social media, including Twitter and WhatsApp.

Princess Mona Fake Account

A Twitter handle by the name H.H. Mona bint Fahd al Said wrote: "Oman stands with its Muslim brothers and sisters in India. If the Indian Govt doesn't stop the persecution of Muslims, then 1million workers living in Oman may be expelled. I will definitely take up this issue with the Sultan of Oman." 

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also tagged in the tweet, which has received more than five thousand retweets and 13.8 thousand likes in just a few hours. The tweet has come after the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), a group of 57 nations, expressed concerns over growing "Islamophobia" in the country. It also came after the UAE Princess Hend Al Qassimi has slammed the right-wing trolls in India for spreading hatred against Muslims.

Account unverified, fake

However, the tweet from Omani Princess threatening to expel lakhs of Indians didn't come from a verified account. Although the Twitter handle has more than 70k followers, the blue badge which confirms the identity of the user was missing. It was also found out that the Twitter handle earlier had a user name @pak__fauj and later it became @SayyidaMona.

Also, there was no news of the Omani Princess's open threat to expel Indians in the local media. In fact, the Times of Oman had carried a news article that India has sent 20,000 containers to Oman. And if the Omani Princess had made any such major remark against Indians, local media must have carried the news. So, in our investigation, we have found the tweet came from a  fake handle and not from the Omani princess.

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Omani Princess threaten to expel one million Indians

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