F3: Fun and Frustration is a standalone sequel to the 2019 film F2, and the second film in the Fun and Frustration series. The film stars Venkatesh, Varun Tej, Tamannaah, and Mehreen Pirzada who reprise their roles from the previous film alongside Sunil and Sonal Chauhan.

F3: Fun and Frustration
F3: Fun and Frustration.PR Handout

The comedy film is written and directed by Anil Ravipudi. It features music composed by Devi Sri Prasad. It has Sai Sri Ram's cinematography and Tammiraju's editing.

F3: Fun and Frustration is a story about Venky (Venkatesh) and Varun (Varun Tej), who try to come up from financial problems. But what will happen when they meet Pragathi Family who are greedy for money?

Well, Venky and Varun lead ordinary life as they struggle for money. Even as they find ways to become rich, they came to know that a wealthy industrialist in Vijayanagaram is looking for his heir. How they are trapped by a girl and what happens once they land at the wealthy man's house form the crux of the story.

F3.PR Handout

F3 Review
It is an out-and-out slapstick comedy flick where logics has gone for a toss. The movie showcases the frustration of youth of not having enough money. The performances of the lead actors ensure that it is a relatively engaging affair. On the flip side, the not well-written story remains a major drawback and songs work like speed breakers.

Check out what's good, what's bad in the film from the audience's tweets below:

MIRCHI9: #Venkatesh is the lifeline of #F3Movie He literally eats anyone on-screen with him. #AnilRavipudi also knows the same & he puts excellent use of the comedy timing of the star.
Narrative is built involving many actors, but it is Venky who stands out with the impeccable timing
Mirchi9 Rating: 2.75/5

#F3Movie is a over the top entertainer that delivers what it promises – entertainment. Setting the right expectations is the key here.

Ajith Kumar: Perfect Family Entertainer
Theatre lo navvaleka saccha
comedy entertainers teeyalante nee tarvathe anna .
@AnilRavipudi take a bow
Don't miss this fun ride..Watch it in theaters!
#F3Movie #F3
ila evadu tweet esina vadni urgent ga doctor ki chupinchandi

SuriyaTamannaah : F2 ki intha navvaledu. F3 had more laughs. The entire theatre was laughing so loud throughout the movie except for a few scenes. Definitely a hit coz family audiences will love this one just like F2
#F3Movie @f3_movie

YuvaRaja | Avinash: Whole heartedly enjoyed every scene #F3movie
BOXOFFICE ni navvullu tho koteseru
@AnilRavipudi Anna

BLOCKBUSTER stuff.. #f3
Climax Narappa - Vakeel Saab response

Movie maniac: #F3Movie Completed Show.. Superb fun rider. #Venkatesh babu comedy ki theatre navvulatho nindi poyindi. Ee Summer biggest blockbuster.. Inka families anta theatre ki Q kadataru. Congratulations to the whole team for stupendous success..

NTR31 team: #F3movie Hilarious laugh ride in theatres
@AnilRavipudi What a direction. Theatre lo jenallu matram asalu seat lo undatle padi padi navuthunaru .. This is gonna be biggest blockbuster
Kudos to the entire team

Keerthy Vignesh: #F3Movie is complete fun .. loved every bit of it from tittle cards to crazy climax
@VenkyMama in his zone @IAmVarunTej comedy timing & Ali sarcastic comedy are big plus
3.5/5 must watch #f3

Ushkela Mohan: #F3Movie First Half Report :
Entertainment Loaded #F3 > #F2 @VenkyMama as usual @IAmVarunTej #sunil comedy
@Mehreenpirzada @tamannaahspeaks
@AnilRavipudi #DilRaju